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Steeping Deeper

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This is an artistic visioning ritual intended to connect you to your sacred body and help you birth into life the rooted, illuminated self. The self that has always been here, but has been veiled by years of conditioning, trauma, and life experiences. By combining the power of journaling, somatic experiencing, drawing, and the heart-opening medicine of ceremonial cacao, you’ll be able to feel, visualize, and start materializing this self in the energetic and physical realms. This can be done at anytime. I recommend alloting at least 1 hour of quiet time to devote to this ritual. And 20-30 minutes of prep. What you’ll need: *A journal and/or a blank piece of paper *A pen or pencil *Any craft materials you may desire - colored pencils, paints, pastels (Optional) *1 Cup Ceremonial Cacao (Purchase link and discount code will be available insider the course if you don't have cacao at home). Or you can use a tea of your choice instead if you prefer. Gently Steep is a pre-requisite of this offering, so if you haven't done it yet, please visit this page! It's free. Scroll down to join ❤️

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