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Gently Steep

Gently Steep is a free embodiment offering to help you connect deeper to your sacred body and to enliven the illuminated self within. So many of us are disconnected from the truth of who we are - the truth of our innate power and wholeness. Our life experiences, traumas, and worldly conditionings have riddled our paths with veils, preventing us from seeing and feeling this deeper truth. Distancing us from the hidden jewels buried deep within our very wombs. 

But we can choose to have the way illuminate once again.


This offering is the first step in helping you follow the path towards greater internal communication, wilder pleasure, more self-love, a wider acceptance of all your parts, a heightened body awareness, and a better understanding of the world around you. It's a way to gently introduce you to the world of deeper embodiment. Included in this offering is a meditation practice, journaling prompts, and an embodiment exercise to get you started.

Your inner throne awaits.
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