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Welcome to

Gently Steep

The path to deeper embodiment starts here.

Allot at least 1 hours time for this practice.

To begin, create a comfortable nest space that will serve as your place of rest as you move through this embodiment meditation. A bed or couch is preferred, but a yoga mat or cozy chair works as well. Make sure you have plenty of blankets and pillows so your body can relax and release. Anything else that will help your space feel cozy is welcome - candles, incense, eye masks, essential oils. This place is for you, so make it your own. We'll be going through a journaling practice after the meditation, so please have it close by. You'll also need a glass of water (for those with Kangen Machines, please use 8.5 pH).  


Once you've setup your space, you can move to the next step.

1. Meditation

Before starting the meditation, please checkin with your body. How is your body feeling? Is this anything in particular you notice? Anything asking for your attention? Any parts of you tense, excited, anxious? Please write it down in your journal and let these part(s) of you know, you are listening. This will help you start building communication and body awareness with your sacred vessel.


Once you've written it all down, lay your beautiful body in your cozy nest space, make yourself comfortable, and press play.

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2. Journaling

Once the meditation is finished, take the time to answer the journal questions below:

How was that journey for you?


Did anything arise?

Who appeared in your river reflection?

What did this self look like?


What did they feel like?


What energy did they encompass?


What feelings did they emit?

What did it feel like being in your womb space? Being planted in the soil? Being filled with grounding light?

If there's anything else that would like to be expressed, please write it down.

3. Embodiment Exercise

This simple embodiment exercise will help you lock in what you just experienced through this meditation and journaling prompt, and start you on the journey of creating healthy, new neural pathways when we go into these deeper spaces. To help your body feel safe and know that you've got this

Start by rubbing your hands together to generate some heat, then placing the hands on the eyes. Take a few deep breaths here. Then slowly bring the hands down to cup the face. Give yourself a few moments here with the breath to sink a little deeper into the space. Next we'll do some body. Bring the hands up and over the head, along the face, the neck, and all the way down the body.  Do the same along the sides, and the back if you can reach. You can repeat this "body brushing" as many times as you like, and can incorporating gently squeezing of the skin as well. Once you finish with this, you're going to wrap yourself in a giant hug, embracing your beautiful body, and saying one thing you love about yourself. It can be anything. "I love my belly", "I love my flexibility", "I love my awareness", "I love my fear". Give it all your love in that embrace. 


Take a deep breath, and release.

Thank you so much for joining us in

Gently Steep

Once you're finished, please click the button below:

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