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Congratulations on completing Gently Steep and taking your first steps into deeper embodiment!

If you enjoyed this free offering, please come join us as we take the next steps

on our embodiment journey with 

Steeping Deeper

A self-paced creative embodiment ritual that'll guide you deeper into embodying the rooted, illuminated self. We've started to peel back the layers and get a glimpse into this self unfolding within our womb throne, now how do we embody her more regularly? How do we continue connecting with the root of the earth, the root of ourselves, and the divine expression that flows within us? This offering incorporates a cacao ritual, a deepening into our journaling practice from Gently Steep, a creative drawing exercise, and an embodiment practices to help you uncover more of the hidden jewels that lay within your being, to help you start living a more free, embodied existence, and to help you steep just a bit deeper into your beautiful body temple.

Why do we incorporate Cacao in this ritual?


Cacao has a rich history as a ceremonial and medicinal plant among indigenous cultures in Mesoamerica.


For centuries, various indigenous communities, including the Aztecs and Mayans, have revered cacao not only as a source of nourishment but also as a sacred substance with spiritual and medicinal properties.


Among the many attributes attributed to cacao, indigenous people believed that it had the power to open the heart, both metaphorically and spiritually.


The heart-opening properties of cacao were often associated with fostering feelings of love, compassion, and unity. It was used as a tool for introspection and emotional release, allowing individuals to connect with their emotions and others on a profound level.

We’ll be drinking cacao in this ritual to help activate the heart energies, so we may fill and infuse our creations with the potent energies of love.

(For those new to cacao, it's a non-psychoactive drink, delicious and nutritious for the body. It's basically hot chocolate with a lot of healthy nutrients)!

For $33.33 you'll be guided through and receive:

*A cacao ritual
*A creative drawing exercise
*A deepening into our journaling practice from Gently Steep
*An embodiment practice to help anchor it all in

(All will be available in digital form on this site and in a printable PDF)

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