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Rachel is here to help guide you back to yourself.


The name, Rachel Sims Living - an honoring of a path that led to many deaths, as well as many rebirths over her 33 years of life. She healed herself from 15 years of chronic illness, and a slew of traumatic incidents between 2019 and 2021. Each experience an initiation of self, that took her to the depths and outer reaches of life, inviting her deeper into love. On her healing path, she's continued to gather a wide variety of healing tools, to now help her clients with as they too journey forward - one step at a time.

The work Rachel teaches relates to sacred embodiment, sovereign living, and connecting with Mother Earth to help you find the seat of your inner throne. To help you find safety and pleasure in the slowness, so you may create a beautiful life full of depth, richness, and receptivity. 

Along Rachel's journey, she came to realize the intelligence that the body holds - how it is always here doing what it can to protect us, and support us in this lifetime. Adapting in any way possible for our survival and protection, alerting us when something is wrong, and guiding us towards treasures we would've never discovered otherwise.


She's come to a deeper understanding of how sacred the body really is and has devoted her life to repairing that relationship so our children and the generations to come, never have to feel fear or shame for who they really are.

There is no greater relationship than the ones we have with our bodies. Yet, for many in our modern world, the body (especially the female body), comes with incredible fear, shame, and remorse. The body holds lifetimes of wisdom and a well of love that is yearning to be felt, but our modern way of living has created many veils that distance us from our true nature and power.

Rachel is a trauma-informed practitioner who helps people safely inch towards their edges as it relates to all areas of their life.

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Rachel's Healing Toolbox Includes:

*Depth Transformation Coach (Trauma Informed), with Dr. Nicola Amadora - Remote Online - 2023

*Mary Magdalene Priestess Initiation, with Dr. Nicola Amadora - Saint Maximin la Sainte Baume, France - 2022

*300 Hour Hatha, Yin, and Meditation Teacher Training, with Ava Irani and The Spanda School - Bali, Indonesia - 2019

*Eden Energy Medicine, with Marjorie Fine - New York, NY - 2018

*Level 1 Quantum Research Analysis, with Premier Research Labs - Secaucus, NJ - 2018

*Reiki Level 1, The Reiki Healing and Bodywork School - Waldwick, NJ - 2017

*Cathy Shea International School of Colon Hydrotherapy, with Cathy Shea - Denver, CO - 2017

*Bachelor of Communications and Minor in Marketing, Loyola University Maryland - Baltimore Maryland - 2012

Love from Clients

"The saying goes, when the student is ready the master will appear. Rachel is a master healer and God sent light worker who taught me the art of loving both my light and my dark side. She was placed in my life during a time when my healing journey was just beginning. God/Spirit knew that this light being has the tools in her healing tool box to guide me along my path. From the full moon women’s circles to the most recent mama Cacoa drinking ceremonies, Rachel understands how to heal the soul! If you are on a healing journey and need help finiding your path, please contact Rachel immediately. She is pure love, light and healing. I am humbled to know this woman as my sister, friend and healer!"

-Kaleigh D.

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